Skroutz Plus Deals

Skroutz Plus Deals

Skroutz Plus Deals

Skroutz is the #1 e-commerce platform in Greece. Started as a price-comparison engine, now has evolved into a one-stop e-commerce marketplace. Today, helps 1.500.000+ registered consumers with their shopping needs, from more than 10.000 online shops that are active on the platform.

Skroutz Plus Deals are selected products from our merchants, at a preferential price for a limited time only for Skroutz Plus members.

Service Blueprint

Below is a visual representation of the Skroutz Plus Deals service that outlines all the touch-points a merchant has, from the customer’s perspective. It maps out the customer journey, including the interactions, emotions, and perceptions, as well as the back-end processes, support systems, and resources involved in delivering the service.

User flow

Visualizing the user flow is crucial to understanding and improving the user experience. It is created to predict and show the possible routes with which the user interacts with the product.



Feedback from merchants

We value the voices of our merchants and are constantly striving to improve our services. Below, you’ll find a selection of real feedback from them who have experienced our new service.

Next iterations

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